Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Steepwater Band - REVELATION SUNDAY cd review

The Steepwater Band
Diamond Day Records

The Steepwater Band is a blues based power rock trio out of the Chicago, IL region. The band has been around for almost 9 years and their resume includes 6 releases (4 full lengths and 2 ep's) and a live schedule that sees them perfom upwards of 125 shows a year. Their latest release REVELATION SUNDAY is a shotgun barrel blast of blues based boogie rock that will leave you more than satisified.

There are two sides to The Steepwater Band - one being the side that showcases the slow bluesy "play it in the pocket" approach and the second being the fast paced boogie that resembles ZZ Top - the difference being that The Steepwater Band takes it up a notch and are definately heavier than ZZ Top.

"Steel Sky", "Mercy" and "Indiana Line" are fast paced boogie songs that will definately get people breaking out the air guitars and dancing on the dance floor. During the verses in "Steel Sky", the music kind of sounds like the Cult. There's also some really nice slide guitar work going on in these songs courtesy of lead guitarist and singer Jeff Massey. Another great track is "Revelation Sunday" - I love how the track jumps along during the verses and slows down for the climax in the chorus. Great stuff! In fact, Jeff's work really shines throughout the whole disc. His guitar just oozes the blues on slower songs such as "A lot of Love Around". This song features a long extended guitar solo that sounds great. If you like how the old blues standards sound, you will love The Steepwater Band's approach to slower material - kind of that "call and response" type blues. On some songs such as "Government Graffiti" there is a heavy Jimi Hendrix vibe going on as well. The solid rhythm section of Tod Bowers on bass and Joseph Winters on drums provides a nice heavy hitting backbone for Jeff Massey's guitar and vocal work.

The Steepwater Band is a band well worth checking out. Go to their website listed below and sample a few of their old songs. If you like hard rocking blues based music, then The Steepwater Band is definately for you. Definately, pick up their new release REVELATION SUNDAY. This one will be getting plenty of spins in your player. It's easily an 8 or 9 on a scale of 10.

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