Thursday, January 11, 2007

Naio Ssaion - Out Loud cd review

Naio Ssaion
Napalm Records
This release has been out a year already, but it's a release that I think should get a mention. I didn't get this one until late in the year and I've been giving it alot of spins lately. If you like female fronted metal bands (Lacuna Coil is a good example) that can go from being really soft and melodic to being all out brutal at the drop of a dime, you will love Naio Ssaion who hails from Slovenia of all places. OUT LOUD is their second overall release, but their first in which they sing in English. Singer Barbara Jedovnicky's vocals really stand out throughout the release. Whether she's belting out the words or singing in a soft tone, she always maintains the melody in her voice and her vocal performance is what seperates OUT LOUD from being just an average release. Musically, the band delivers the goods and musically the style is all over the map - melodic, soft, heavy in the vein of Lacuna Coil's style. You name it and the style is here and it rocks hard. ..even the violin! Naio Ssaion is not as polished (nor do they have to be) as Lacuna Coil and it doesn't matter because OUT LOUD is a great release that is well worth tracking down.

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