Sunday, December 31, 2006

Vince Neil solo interview from 2003/2004

Here’s an interview with Motley Crue’s Vince Neil. This interview occurred right as the rumours of a Motley Crue reunion started to leak out. This was from around 2003/2004. It’s short, sweet, and kind of funny to look back and see all the things that happened or didn’t happen. I cut out all the dated material and just threw together a few of the more interesting parts.

CM – What’s going on with Nikki Sixx and the current status of Motley Crue?
VN – Basically, there is no more Motley Crue. Nikki seems to think there is. He is doing some stuff with Motley Crue without telling anybody. They are withholding a lot of money. It’s time to get lawyers involved and it’s pretty sad. If they weren’t so greedy, there could me another Motley Crue. But, there won’t be.

CM – Does that have anything to do with the recent re-release of Motley’s entire catalog?
VN – Yeah. That’s part of it.

CM – Anything to do with a Motley Crue reunion? I’ve heard rumours that the Crue is getting back together.
VN – That could be part of it. But, like I said – it’s time to get lawyers involved and it’s sad. Right now a Motley Crue reunion is only a rumour. I haven’t even really spoke with any of the other guys in a long time. So, how can there be a Crue?

CM – Alright then, let’s talk about your last solo release LIVE AT THE WHISKEY. I have to ask why did you release this? There is really nothing on there to separate it from the live Motley Crue release. Why did you only put one solo song on there? I thought if you put at least a few solo songs on there, it would help to make it different.
VN – I really didn’t set out to make a record. This was just me running tape at a concert. A lot of the songs got lost. There was going to be other songs on the record but these were the only songs we could find.

CM – How do you lose your songs?
VN – Well, we were just running tape. No plans to ever release it. So, you tend to not really keep track of where everything ends up. I was approached to release a live cd and said “Why not?”. We started looking around to see what I had laying around and this was all I could find. I swear I would have put some of my solo songs on there, but I really couldn’t find the rest of the songs.

CM – Are you working on any new material then?
VN – I got 8 new songs written right now. At the end of this stretch of shows, I’m going to go into the studio, tweak out those songs, and write a few more. I’ll have a new studio record out by early next year. Then I’ll go out next summer and tour it.

CM – Recently, you’ve caught some heat for putting on some poor performances…accusations of being drunk, cutting your set list short, etc. Any thoughts on that?
VN – You’re talking about one incident where those people completely lied about what was going on. They said I was drunk. They said I was playing my solo songs and people weren’t singing in the crowd, and so I left the stage. That was complete bullshit. They were just covering their butts because they didn’t have any security on stage. There was a bunch of drunken idiots in the crowd. You always get some idiots that want to throw shit on stage. I warned them and said to them “One more thing comes on stage and we’re out of here.” One more thing came on stage and I left. So, to cover their butts, they made up that whole thing. The funny thing is that I didn’t even have any of my solo songs on the setlist. You can’t believe everything you read.

CM – What’s this story I read about you opening up a bakery in Las Vegas?
VN – (laughing) See. That’s another thing that’s not true. This is funny. I made a birthday cake for my fiancée. I happened to be having dinner with Robin Leach and some other people. We were all sitting around drinking. We were in the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas. All I said was that I should open up like a porno cake place and he wrote about it. It was just drunk talk. I read about it in the Vegas newspaper and I was like “What the fuck is this?” That’s absolutely not a true story.

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