Friday, May 15, 2009

New Freddie Nelson and Paul Gilbert release shines light on a hidden gem

Freddie Nelson and Paul Gilbert have a new release out called UNITED STATES, which is being released by Mascot Records. We'll get to a proper review of it in the next few days. However, this release has some roots in my cd collection and not from Paul Gilbert (although he is in there.). .....That root would be the band Too Tall Jones, which was led by Freddie Nelson.

I stumbled upon Too Tall Jones the "old school" way by seeing them open up for L.A. Guns at the Varsity Club in Youngstown, Ohio back in May of 2001. It would be the first of 2 times that year L.A. Guns turned me on to a great new band. The next time L.A. Guns came through Ohio they had another great band open up for them - The Mimsies. Sadly, that band is no longer around and that little firecracker of a singer Casey is no longer involved in music. If you're looking for 2 really good releases, track yourself down a copy of Too Tall Jones' BI-POLAR and The Mimsies' TRASH AND ROCK AND ROLL. It's been 8 years since I've picked up these discs and I STILL play them on a somewhat regular basis. Good stuff!

If you like well written melodic rock, you'll love BI-POLAR. It has a nod to old school 80's rock, yet with a sound that was fresh for the new millenium. It's completey loaded with catchy songs and musical hooks that will snag your ear. What are you waiting for? Start typing away and see if you can find anything on Too Tall Jones. I think you'll like it. I know I do. You can find the cd here or download "You Ain't Nothing" and give it a spin to see if it wets your appetite.

I think I reviewed both of these discs back then. I'll have to dig up my old reviews and see if I have them. If not, maybe this would make for a good "retro" review piece.

Happy Hunting!

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