Thursday, March 8, 2007

Dokken - From Conception Live 1981 cd review

Rhino Records

Dokken is gearing up to have a big year for releases. The first in the line of releases is titled FROM CONCEPTION LIVE 1981 and it hits the store shelves March 13. This is one of the earliest Dokken shows recorded before they ever had a record deal. This is the classic Dokken lineup on the release - Don Dokken, Mick Brown, George Lynch, and Jeff Pilson. Don Dokken accidently stumbled across the tapes while digging through the Dokken archives and he had to rescue them from mold damage. This is truly a goldmine for any Dokken fan.

The release consists of 10 tracks showcasing a band that was tearing up the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA circa 1981. Dokken was hungry and you can definately tell by the aggressiveness of the music here. The setlist consists of 6 songs from the BREAKING THE CHAINS release, 3 unreleased songs, and a guitar solo showcasing the abilities of George Lynch before he became a guitar hero within music circles. It's not "Mr. Scary" but it's what you would expect to see at a live show - lots of weeedly, weeedly, weeedly guitar work.

If you're a fan of the classic Dokken lineup, you will be interested in the 3 unreleased songs. My personal favorite is the song "Goin' Down". All I can say is "Why was this never on a Dokken release?" This is a high octane fueled song that moves like a dragster roaring down the strip. Musically imagaine an uptempo/slamming bass and drum rhythm mixed with shredding guitar work - mix that with Don Dokken's melodic vocals and this is a real hidden gem within this release. "Hit and Run" has a mid-tempo galloping groove that is the backbone of the song and there is some interesting vocals where Don switches from a relaxed singing style within the verses to hitting the drawn out and melodic high notes come chorus time. We also get to hear backing vocals from the band that grab your ear. The last unreleased track "Liar" is straight ahead in your face rock that has all the signatures of the classic Dokken song.

Other song highlights on FROM CONCEPTION are the obvious ones - "Paris""Breakin' the Chain""In the Middle" and "Night Rider". Quality wise the sound is incredible for a show that happened over 25 years ago. The recording doesn't sound dated like alot of live recordings from that era. It actually sounds like the show was recorded last week and is definately not what I expected to hear becasue the original tapes were in such poor condition. Great production work on every track.

This is an absolute must have for any fan of Dokken or a fan of that scene and/or genre that Dokken is part of. You will not be disappointed. Put this at the top of your wish list. I give this 8 weeedly guitar notes out of 10.

FROM CONCEPTION LIVE 1981will be out this coming Tues. March 13. Also, on that date Dokken will also release a dvd - UNCHAIN THE NIGHT, which is a reissue of the vhs title of the same name - unreleased videos and new interviews with the band are added to the original release.

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