Saturday, February 10, 2007

Family Values Tour 2006 cd review

Various Artists
Firm Music
Korn's been taking out their successful Family Values tour for the last couple of years. Every year the lineup changes with the mainstay being Korn. The 2006 tour also featured the Deftones, Flyleaf, 10 Years, Stone Sour, Dir En Grey, and Deadsy. THE FAMILY VALUES TOUR 2006 cd contains live tracks from all those bands and, if you attended one of the shows, serves as a great way to go back and relive the show.

Korn has 5 tracks on the disc and highlights from those blistering versions (It sounds like they picked songs where they were playing relentlessly) of their songs include the tracks "Shoots and Ladders/Wicked" (which feature Chino Moreno from the Deftones on vocals) and "Freak On a Leash" (which features Corey Taylor from Slipknot and Stonesour on vocals). The Deftones, Stonesour, Flyleaf, Dir En Grey, and 10 years are each represented by 2 tracks. The Deftones are known for their punching style of rocking out and their 2 tracks here "My Own Summer" and "Nosebleed" are a great representation of the band in a live setting. Flyleaf's hit "I'm so Sick" is included here as well as "Pride", which is a cover of the U2 hit and features Richard Patrick from Army of Anyone and Filter on guest vocals. It pretty much stays true to the original version, with a slightly heavier edge to it. One of the two tracks by 10 Years is "Wasteland", which put the band on the charts and brought them to national attention. Dir En Grey is a Japanese band that has a slamming approach to their songs on here and the 2 tracks they have here are a good introduction to the band. Look for their new cd in the next couple of months. The one track on here that I'm glad they put on was Deadsy's acoustic song "Carrying Over". It's the lone track on the disc by Deadsy. Many people don't know about this almost Marilyn Manson-ish looking band and hopefully this will help introduce the band to a new audience. The lead singer goes by the name of Exeter. In reality, the singer is none other than Elijah Blue - the son of Gregg Allman and Cher. Deadsy rocks out and "Carrying Over" isn't a good representation of the bands rocking side, but it's a good song regardless.

As I said earlier, if you attended the show. THE FAMILY VALUES TOUR 2006 cd serves as a great memento of the show. For the sheer value of descovering new talent you can't go wrong either. For big fans of Korn and the other bands involved, this will make a nice little small addition to your catalog of your favorite respective band or bands on the disc. It's definately a release geared towards the fans of these bands.

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